Canada Pool Coating Welcomes !NSTANT POOL

I finally convinced him it was time to get a pool, nothing fancy, just something to beat the heat. He flatly refused to designate a good chunk of our property to an in-ground pool and really didn’t want to commit to maintaining one. After two very hot and dry Ontario Canada summers and many discussions, we developed !NSTANT POOL - it's the perfect solution for us and anyone who wants a pool without all the hassle.

Look for this sign of quality !nstant pool or contact Canada pool coating 613.623.5903

Look for this sign of quality !nstant pool or contact Canada pool coating 613.623.5903

!NSTANT POOL. Just Add Water.

We designed !NSTANT POOL as a solid concrete pool that can be craned into place anywhere on your property; it's designed to be installed inground, onground or half way in the ground. !NSTANT POOL is available in six sizes and is built for plunging, lounging, wading, cooling off, exercise and swimming.


!NSTANT POOL is not only a great fit for big and small spaces, it has one key element that sets it completely apart from a typical concrete pool…all models are finished (option of exterior, interior or both) with your choice of 21* designer colors of ecoFinish thermoplastic spray finishes.

!NSTANT POOL after installation of ecoFinish blue granite on exterior and blue lagoon on interior

!NSTANT POOL after installation of ecoFinish blue granite on exterior and blue lagoon on interior

ecoFinish is a pneumatically applied high performance pool and spa finish recognized worldwide as a proven long lasting alternative to traditional paint and cementitious (plaster) coatings. They created aquaBright and polyFibro as a permanent barrier solution for concrete and fiberglass.

  • ecoFinish also creates a PH neutral surface.  Any chemicals added to the water in !NSTANT POOL adjust the chemistry of the water and only the water as there is no reaction between the water and the finish so there is no constant shift in PH. Simple.

  • The addition of an ecoFinish finish also provides !NSTANT POOL with a thermal barrier. When !NSTANT POOL is thermoplastic finished it has an R value (averages 2 -3) which helps reduce heating costs.

  • ecoFinish finishes make !NSTANT POOL smooth to the touch.  Our !NSTANT POOL (shown below) is finished with a Blue Granite exterior and we chose Blue Lagoon for the interior finish. Custom colors available.*          

  • ecoFinish produces a hard wearing finish warranted for 10 years and it is UV resistant and UL rated NSF 61 drinking water safe.

  • !NSTANT POOL is designed as a cold or hot water pool; all six models can be completely customized to your personal needs. As the summer heat trudges on, we have to say that our !NSTANT POOL is a welcome addition to our backyard and it suits our lifestyle perfectly!

instant pool perfect swimming pool for small and large spaces



  1. !NSTANT POOL. Designed to fit your needs and budget.

  2. Delivered to your site and craned into place. Can arrive completely finished and ready to install…just add water.

  3. !NSTANT POOL. Suitable for all types of properties: small lots, large gardens or limited outdoor spaces.

  4. ecoFinish finishes on !NSTANT POOL steps can be made nonslip.

  5. !NSTANT POOL. Cost effective alternative to a typical swimming pool.

  6. Versatile: you can take !NSTANT POOL with you to your next home!

  7.  !NSTANT POOL. An appealing water feature designed to suit your property and personal style.

  8. !NSTANT POOL is perfect for salt water systems.

  9. Additional accessories such as customized lids, benches, sun ledges, steps, fountains and concrete features will make !NSTANT POOL as unique as you are. We even offer aquaFX stencils!

  10. *Custom colors of ecoFinish also available.

Tai Plunge Measures  7'6" L X 5' W X 5" 5.5" D

Tai Plunge Measures  7'6" L X 5' W X 5" 5.5" D

!NSTANT POOL is available in 6 sizes:

  • Tai Plunge:  7’ 6” L X 4’ 2” W X 5’ 7” D (600 gals)
  • Athabaska: 10’ 10” L X 5’ 8” W X 5’ 5 1/2” D (1500 gallons)
  • Michigan: 13’ 3” L X 6’ 11” W X 5’ 7 “ D (2400 gallons)
  • Huron: 17 L X  8’ 6” W  X 5’ 1” D (  2500  gallons)
  • Victoria: 17’ L X 8’ 6” W  X  5’ 9" D  ( 3,000  gallons)
  • Superior: 20 L X 10’ 5” W X 5‘ 8” D ( 5,000  gallons)

!NSTANT POOL is for everyone who wants an affordable stylish swimming pool that is delivered to your property. If you are looking for an ecofriendly concrete pool option and want something a little different, less costly and doesn’t require the same amount of maintenance as a typical average swimming pool, then !NSTANT POOL is for you!

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!NSTANT POOL. Just Add Water!

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