ecoFinish Pool Finish System

aquaBright  and polyFibro™ by ecoFinish are thermoplastic pool and spa coatings that are applied pneumatically.               

ecoFinish thermoplastic finishes start out as a dry 'powder'; this 'powder' is specifically blended to achieve a uniform colour that, once applied, becomes a non-porous, flexible and permanent finish that is hard wearing and chemical resistant. The 'powder' is formulated to be propelled through a gun-type applicator and heated directly into the surface.

Compressed air and propane are the only requirements to operate thepatented ecoFinish thermal spray equipment.               Only two persons are required to operate the spray system.  No heavy equipment is necessary to install our finishes; a small vehicle or trailer is all that is needed to transport the thermal spray applicator and the aquaBright or polyFibro materials.

ecoFinishcures instantaneously. Our proven installation methods result in a smooth, durable and nonporous finish that will outlast traditional finishes for many years to come.  

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