ecoFinish developed planet Earth's first thermoplastic spray application process as an alternative to vinyl liners, aggregate finishes and cementitious ( plaster/marbelite) coatings.  Thermoplastic finishes were introduced decades ago and were developed for the commercial sector; these industrial coatings were used mainly to prevent corrosion and wear.

 ecoFinish had a different perspective...what if this same proven technology was utilized and offered to pool clients as a non-porous, smooth and permanent finish?                          In 2008, and after years of R & D...ecoFinish made history; the entire pool coating industry has evolved to now include a new category of coatings...thermoplastics.      

The ecoFinish process utilizes a patented flame spray process to install a hard wearing, flexible and durable thermoplastic finish that is fade, chemical and wear resistant. These high performance finishes are branded as aquaBright and polyFIBRO and are designed as a solution to issues typically found with traditional pool finishes offered on the marketplace today.  No chalking. No mottling. No chemical balancing nightmares.                                     No worries.

courtesy of Paradise leisurescapes Regina & Saskatoon

courtesy of Paradise leisurescapes Regina & Saskatoon

The flame spray system is completely mobile and operated by a two person crew only.        No heavy equipment is required to install ecoFinish. Repairs are made to the surface prior to the application and the process of installation for a typical average pool takes 3 days.

ecoFinish finishes cure instantly. No trucked in water is can choose to fill your pool with a garden hose if you like. Simple. Less time down.  Less disruption.               More swim time. 

ecoFinish finishes are designed for new build pools & spas.                                                         Older Pool? ecoFinish will transform tired fiberglass, marbelite, plaster and concrete pools, spas and steps to like new condition. ecoFinish also works on composite panels and projects made with various substrates ( hybrid pools) and enables colour continuity throughout. Vinyl liner quit? Yes, ecoFinish works brilliantly on steel panel pools!

  • Residential and Commercial projects
  • Indoor/outdoor projects
  • Hybrid Pools


 commercial renovation:

Carson Farm Steel Pool Transformed

Carson Farm recreational facility specializes in camping experiences for Pre-school through Sixth grade.   The swimming pool has a very high bather load on a daily basis.

Before: This commercial swimming pool is constructed of aluminum panels seam welded together. Prior to ecoFinish, this swimming pool had to be painted every 2-3 years due to the high traffic volume and chemicals.

Surface Prep: the pool was sandblasted to remove the many coats of paint that had been applied during the course of the life of the pool.

Inspection: The photo on the left shows the prepared surface which is inspected for the necessary anchor profile to ensure proper adhesion of aquaBright™ to the substrate.     The required texture is that of an 80 grit sandpaper.

Application: aquaBright™ by ecoFinish is a thermal plastic finish that is applied pneumatically and requires only compressed air and propane. Photo on the right shows the certified ecoFinish installer using the Blue Standard system. Three different ecoFinish systems are available.                                                                                     

Stencils: Commercial pools require “No Diving” and depth markers to meet codes and regulations.                                                                                                                                  Stencils are placed on the final aquaBright™ finish. A contrasting colour is then sprayed over the stencil and the pool markers are integrated into the aquaBright and become permanent.


aquaBright™ is installed with a 2-3 man crew. This pool took approximately 2 days to complete the application. The railings were also sprayed with aquaBright™

Completed: ecoFinishes cure instantly. Pools can be filled with water immediately.              The end result is a smooth, soft to the touch, durable and astoundingly beautiful finish that will last for many years to come.