ecoFinish  Thermoplastic Spray System

Finally, there is such a thing as a worry free swimming pool finish.    

 In 2009,  ecoFinish introduced a revolutionary pool finishing technology utilizing a proven and patented spray coating system. ecoFinish thermoplastic pool finishes are pneumatically applied, cure instantly... are high performance and permanent.

This revolutionary finishing methodology is a game changer for the pool surfacing industry. ecoFinish pool and spa finishes are installed on both new pools and, utilized for resurfacing and restoring older projects including, but not limited to: concrete, fiberglass, marcite/plaster, steel and hybrids. In fact, a whole new category now exists in our industry...thermal finishes.

ecoFinish High Performance Pool Finishes

aquaBright was developed specifically for installations to concrete, cementitious, plaster, steel, aluminum and hybrid pools and spas. In 2014, ecoFinish scientifically formulated polyFIBRO™, an aquatic coating devised to tackle the issues of traditional gel-coats finish failures on fiberglass shells.  ecoFinish Commercial White is NSF/ANSI Standard 61-Drinking Water Component Safe and water potable.

ecoFinish Canada: Canada Pool Coating is proud to be the Canadian Distributor for ecoFinish systems and pool finishes. Canada Pool Coating offers Canadian Pool Professionals an eco-friendly alternative that eliminates virtually all of the problems associated with pool finishes available on the marketplace today.


Canada Pool Coating and the ecoFinish Team

Mike Cleary, President of Canada Pool Coating & Canadian Distributor of ecoFinish systems & swimming pool finishes. Mike has thirty plus years of construction experience and he is an ecoFinish Certification Specialist & Trainer.
ecoFinish systems and products are available in Canada and worldwide including: USA, England, Australia, Thailand, France, Canary Islands, Malta, Italy, Portugal, Spain, New Zealand, Israel and Ireland.

Contact Mike Cleary for more information about how ecoFinish can make building, renovating or maintaining your clients' swimming pool/spa and/or any water containment project a cost effective, timely and rewarding experience.                                                  

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