NEW! Industrial Grade Mobile Thermoplastic Coatings

In these days of ‘instant’ everything, we have seen the demand for industrial powder coating (both onsite and facility bound) increase exponentially since 2008. Both Canada Pool Coating and ecoFinish have received hundreds of inquiries wanting commercial coatings for things non-pool related. And speaking of instant…just like the pool finishes, these commercial grade coatings cure in seconds!

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Canada Coating, a division of Canada Pool Coating, as our newest coating partner company. Mike Cleary and the Canada Coating team are here to help you grow your business to include other non-pool industry markets.

Canada coating introduces ecofinish ecodustrial commercial grade coatings

Canada coating introduces ecofinish ecodustrial commercial grade coatings

ecoDUSTRIAL Flame Sprayed Industrial Coatings by ecoFinish

ecoDUSTRIAL concrete and metal coatings are designed to be applied with the completely portable ecoFinish coating system.  The ecoDUSTRIAL coatings utilize a 3 layer process using a combination of an X40 FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy), over-coated with a flock coat consisting of a co-polymer adhesive tie layer, and followed by another specifically formulated polyolefin based top coat.

Components of The ecoDUSTRIAL 3 Layer Process

1. X40 Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) : Normally applied by fluidised powder spray to an induction heated pipe or metal surface. Designed to provide corrosion protection to the steel surface; high levels of substrate adhesion which results in good resistance to cathodic disbanding.

2. ecoDUSTRIAL Tie Layer:  Applied by flame spraying. The tie layer consists of an interlocked layer of chemically modified co-polymer ecoDUSTRIAL powders. This powder is flock sprayed simultaneously and applied onto the X40 FBE before it has time to fully gel. The ecoDUSTRIAL flock coat will provide adhesion to the X40 FBE and also bond to the ecoDUSTRIAL flame sprayed top coat.

3. ecoDUSTRIAL Top Coat: ecoDUSTRIAL metal coatings are applied in a molten powder state. The specially formulated co-polymer powder is propelled though the flame spray and hits the prepared metal surface which keeps the ecoDUSTRIAL in a molten state. The molten particles will coalesce into a fused, permanent and void free homogenous coating. ecoDUSTRIAL coatings can be applied from 2 - 12 mm thicknesses.


ecoDUSTRIAL Coatings For Concrete & Metal Surfaces

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Metal Surfaces  

For existing coated items such as pipes, joints and fittings, the ecoFinish flame spray technology is unique in that it enables installers to coat in house or onsite.  A highly stable ecoDUSTRIAL top coat can be applied onsite providing that properties are a close match compared to those of factory bound extruded systems (line pipes).

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Onsite or In-House Applications

ecoDUSTRIAL coatings are virtually the same as the factory applied protective layers; ecoDUSTRIAL is applied using flame spray technology which ensures that when restorative coatings are applied, these will form a perfect bond with the extruded, parent or factory applied layers.

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Concrete Surfaces

The result when utilizing ecoDUSTRIAL coatings is a fully melted coating that is fused with the existing factory applied polyolefin on the substrate forming a continuous and homogeneous coating. ecoDUSTRIAL coatings provide unsurpassed cost effective protection for facility bound or onsite restoration of existing coatings or new surface coatings and, is a much faster process than sintering.