Cleary's Surface Saver Installation Instructions

 Mike Cleary specifically designed his proprietary mixing device to ensure that the inherent thermoplastic finish properties are properly maintained in all water containment projects.


Thermoplastic Finishes are Inert, PH neutral, Chemically Resistant and Non Ionic:

Non ionic means they do not support surface buildup, plating or biofilm when properly maintained. 

With Cleary's Surface Saver, ensures thermoplastic finish properties are maintained. Colour vibrancy is retained because the surface buildup, with proper chemical management, is reduced. Best of all - the water is beautifully clean and clear. Cleary's Surface Saver reduces calcium buildup (scaling) and will help your chemicals perform better to prohibit the attachment and growth of biofilm...without the need for sequestering agents. 




clearys surface saver canada pool coating

Cleary's Surface Saver Benefits:

  • will enhance filtration performance and backwash.
  • will not reduce water pressure or interfere with water performance
  • will maintain inherent non ionic thermoplastic finish properties
  • reduce harmful waterborne viruses and bacteria in the water by enhancing the effectiveness of the thermoplastic finish.
  • 7 year Warranty

Great for fresh water and salt water pools; Cleary's Surface Saver also excels in chlorinated pools...imagine, no chlorine smell in your pool or on your body!

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