Cleary's Surface Saver

clearys surface saver natural sequestering device for pools

Mike Cleary, President of Canada Pool Coating Inc. is extremely excited for the release of our newest product. This product is specifically designed to ensure thermoplastic finished water containment vessels ( pools, spas, holding tanks etcetera) are properly maintained.

Thermoplastic Finishes are Non Ionic Surfaces

Thermoplastic finishes are inert, PH neutral and chemically resistant. Thermoplastic finished surfaces are also non ionic surfaces in that they do not support surface buildup when properly maintained. Without preventative sequestering (and depending on the water chemistry), thermoplastic surfaces may exhibit minimal to excessive mineral plating typically caused by poor water chemistry and excessive calcium/minerals in the water.

Mineral plating is a surface formation which causes non ionic thermoplastic surfaces to become ionic; plated ionic surfaces exhibit a white layer of discolouration which makes the thermoplastic appear faded and dull. This plated surface is now prone to attract biofilm growth...and the thermoplastic finish is perfectly vibrant underneath!


 Cleary's Surface Saver to maintain thermoplastic finishes

Cleary's Surface Saver to maintain thermoplastic finishes

Cleary's Surface Saver Maintains the Non Ionic Performance of Thermoplastic Finishes

With Cleary's Surface Saver thermoplastic finish properties are maintained. Thermoplastic colour vibrancy is retained because the surface friction and attraction is reduced. As a result the water is beautifully clean and clear as the water is homogenized. Cleary's Surface Saver helps keep surface attraction reduced and makes proper chemical management work more effectively. Cleary's Surface Saver will help your chemicals perform better...without the need for additional sequestering agents. 

clearys surface saver canada pool coating

Cleary's Surface Saver Benefits:

  • product is pre-assembled
  • easy to install instructions
  • will enhance filtration performance and backwash
  • will maintain inherent non ionic thermoplastic finish properties
  • enhances the effectiveness of the thermoplastic finish
  • will not reduce water pressure or interfere with water performance
  • great for fresh water and salt water pools; excels in chlorinated pools
  • minimizes chlorine smell in your pool and on your body!

Cleary's Surface Saver.

 Your Natural Choice for Thermoplastic Finish Maintenance.


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