Vinyl Masters and aquaBright by ecoFinish Breathes New Life Into a Vintage Hybrid Swimming Pool!

Imagine a client asking you to assist them with an older pool in need of with corrugated stainless steel walls!! Yes, you read that right CORRUGATED metal walls, not to mention that this early hybrid also has a unique aluminum coping system and concrete sloped  sides and bottom.

This pool was in such desperate need of repair it was suggested that a new pool be constructed inside of the old shell...then Complete Spa and Pool Owner Paul Swirski, remembered another pool refinishing option: aquaBright by ecoFinish.

Enter Vinyl Masters to the rescue. Certified and trained ecoFinish installers transform the rundown hybrid swimming pool nightmare into a beautiful, user-friendly backyard retreat once again.  Nice work Vinyl Masters!

Short turnaround + ecoFinish = great pool + Happy clients.  Simple!