aquaBright For Concrete Pools

New & Old Concrete Pools Need aquaBright ecoFinish

When constructed properly, concrete swimming pools can be the best quality swimming pools built.   In Canada, formed concrete is the best option for our extreme climate.

Concrete pools offer years of use before requiring maintenance and/or repairs provided the pool chemical balance is kept to the proper PH levels. Pool chemistry especially becomes a priority if the concrete pool has a cementitious ie: plaster rendering.

concrete pool handcrafted by R & R Concrete Finishing Ltd BC

concrete pool handcrafted by R & R Concrete Finishing Ltd BC

Chemicals, if not balanced correctly (and just with over time and use) will eat away at the concrete surface and/or the finish (most are typically paint or plaster)   Traditional pool surfaces such as paint and plaster are porous; they provide no barrier against chemicals or salt water systems. Just look at the concrete sidewalks with all of our salting up here in Canada!

Once the pool is built ensure any imperfections in the concrete shell are filled and smoothed out - for example, honeycombing and ridges left on the surface from the forms.

The pool is typically acid washed using a 50/50 mix of muriatic acid and water. This helps eliminate any minerals on the surface and also scarifies the surface creating a slight profile.

Once the surface is cleaned, you can power wash the surface of the pool to remove any residual debris left on the surface. When dry to the touch, the next stage is to roll out the ecoFinish X40 epoxy onto the surface; this epoxy is specially formulated for concrete applications.

Specially formulated epoxy embeds into concrete surface

Specially formulated epoxy embeds into concrete surface

Any pool fixtures, lights, copings and tile bands are protected with heat resistant tape and fabric prior to the flame spray installation of aquaBright.

The first coat of epoxy is diluted 50/50 with acetone which enables the epoxy to penetrate into the surface of the pool shell. A second coat of epoxy is rolled out – this is applied full strength.

Once the epoxy starts to tack up, the first layer of aquaBright is now applied. This is known as the ‘flock coat’. This flock coat creates a mechanical bond between the all surfaces as the powder is embedded into the epoxy.

Flock Coat Application R & R Concrete Finishing Ltd Bc

Flock Coat Application R & R Concrete Finishing Ltd Bc

When the pool is finished the flock coat application a second coat is now applied over this; each coat cures instantly and the installers are able to walk on the surface while they apply the aquaBright.

A final coat with minimal powder and lots of heat is now applied which melds all of the layers together to create a uniform finish.

Older concrete pools or any pools that have a painted surface must have the paint removed prior to the installation of aquaBright. This is due to the fact that aquaBright is heat applied by the ecoFinish system; any residual paint, if left on, will peel and blister during the application due to the heat of the flame spray process.

Benefits of aquaBright Installation on Concrete


  • Is PH neutral surface: aquaBright is inert and does not react with water chemistry

  • Requires less chemicals to balance the pool chemistry

  • Is chemical, UV, fade, scale, stain, crack, flake and peel resistant

  • Offers outstanding adhesion properties

  • Environmentally friendly : zero VOC’s, UL classified as water potable, no heavy equipment required to install aquaBright

  • Cures instantly: no waiting. NO trucked in water necessary…fill with a garden hose!

  • Is hard wearing yet soft to the touch

  • Color continuity on pools made of different substrates ie: fiberglass steps, concrete/steel/composite walls and concrete bases.

  • Available in 21 designer colors and best of all…

  • Ten Year Warranty


aquaBright cures instantly...just balance and swim!

aquaBright cures instantly...just balance and swim!

Canadian Pool & Spa Conference & Expo Dec 7 -8

Visit us at the Canadian Pool & Spa Conference & Expo on Dec 7th for 2 live outdoor ecoFinish demonstrations of the incredible thermoplastic spray system changing the way pool industry professionals finish new build concrete pools and/or repair professionals resurface older pools.

Live Demo Dec 7th  at 1:30

aquaBright Installation on Concrete & Steel Panels

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mike cleary

Mike Cleary is the President of Canada Pool Coating and the Canadian Distributor of ecoFinish high performance pool finishes and thermoplastic spray systems. ecoFinish designed aquaBright and polyFibro as an alternative solution that addresses typical issues associated with traditional pool coatings; ecoFinish finishes are hard wearing, soft to the touch and VOC free.

We also carry specialized aquatics caulkings and primers; Canada Pool Coating now offers VM Pool Coatings products to enhance thermoplastic spray installations.