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Testimonial from a Certified ecoFinish Installer

Jan 2014

Roger Willis Contracting is an award winning second generation swimming pool business with 30+ yrs experience in Custom Commercial and Residential pool design, service and installation.

"All professionals in this industry are well aware of the problems with cementitious finishes and the tendencies to craze, crack, spall and discolour. We are also aware that despite the warnings and training of our clients, the importance of long term water balance and proper chemistry is often be overlooked".
"Over the years we have been searching for a replacement to trowel on cementitious coatings pool interiors and now offer aquaBright as our preferred pool finish. We still offer trowel on, but so far it has been an easy sale to convert pools to aquaBright at a similar price point".

Their experience with aquaBright:

  • Clean- no mess, no mixing
  • smooth continuous flow of application no wait time, no curing time
  • easily manipulated
  • hands on training
  • strong after sales support
  • faster than traditional cementitious finish applications
  • two person crew to install with no heavy trucking, no bags of concrete, no pump or mixer
  • no acid etching or burn in
  • coating can be stopped then started again with no visible cold joint
  • less weather dependency
  • no misting or sun barrier in summer
  • coating can be repaired without visible seams or joints
  • Does not require feathering
  • no special treatments of fill water
  • does not stain from fallen organics
  • no downtime for clients to wait
  • average pools...24 man hours to install aquaBright after prep which is same as trowel on finish
  • works on concrete, steel, fiberglass and aluminum
  • this product allows colour continuity between different substrates with no mottling

Roger Willis Contracting Ltd.is based in the Ottawa Ontario Region
phone: 613-489-2882
email: roger@rogerwilliscontracting.com

Contact Canadian Distributor for aquaBright Pool Finish and ecoFinish Products:

Mike Cleary
Canada Pool Coating


mike cleary

Mike Cleary is the President of Canada Pool Coating and the Canadian Distributor of ecoFinish high performance pool finishes and thermoplastic spray systems. ecoFinish designed aquaBright and polyFibro as an alternative solution that addresses typical issues associated with traditional pool coatings; ecoFinish finishes are hard wearing, soft to the touch and VOC free.

We also carry specialized aquatics caulkings and primers; Canada Pool Coating now offers VM Pool Coatings products to enhance thermoplastic spray installations.