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Hello! My name is Mike Cleary. We’ve just updated our website with a mobile-friendly appearance, some new social integration and this blog. We plan to share some of our company’s experiences and pool-related expertise with you here, but for the first post, I figured that I’d talk a little bit about how we got here.

I am a building specialist and general contractor with 30+ years in the industry. In 2009, I started sourcing products that would allow me to visit different job sites; I wanted a mobile coating system that produced a smooth durable finish that would adhere to different metals and concrete here in Canada. 

I saw a huge potential for mobile coating and, like many others, I purchased a design-challenged metal box from a now defunct company; it was supposed to perform as a portable powder coating machine however it was too finicky and very difficult to regulate; it just couldn’t deliver the results I was looking for. By chance I met Joe Solana from ecoFinish.

Joe is a second generation pool builder; he had a great idea that was really ahead of its time…he envisioned a mobile machine that would pneumatically apply a powder finish- one that would melt out the thermoplastic beads and produce a permanent swimming pool finish similar to a liner but one that made a chemical bond with the surface. He knew if he could find something like that it would be a solution to end traditional pool paint and plaster issues forever.

canada pool coating aquaBright on cement steel limestone.jpg

For those who don’t know…back in the good old days swimming pools were finished with tiles, really thick vinyl liners or some were simply painted with a rubber-based paint. This paint was silky, smooth and brilliant white. These ‘surfaces’ made the pools very easy to maintain until, in the late eighties, the Government banned several key ingredients that made these products heat, chip and crack resistant. Pool companies were forced to offer their clients products that were no longer a match for the sun, harsh chemicals and Mother Nature.

Well, after four years, Joe from ecoFinish developed that vision into a reality branded as aquaBright; its specifically designed to resist harsh chemicals, staining, fading, mottling and cracking and, best of all, he made it work with a portable system - no heavy construction equipment is necessary to transport or apply aquaBright and this significantly reduces the waste associated with plaster and paint installation.

Cleary Construction transitioned into Canada Pool Coating- Canadian Distributor for ecoFinish. We are proud to supply commercial and residential Canadian pool installers with aquaBright and ecoFinish systems. If you are tired of high maintenance pools and are looking for an ecofriendly alternative to pool paint and plaster check out what others have to say about aquaBright.

What are your thoughts on this?  You can comment below, or send me an email with your questions! Email me at info@CanadaPoolCoating.com

 All the best! 

Mike Cleary



mike cleary

Mike Cleary is the President of Canada Pool Coating and the Canadian Distributor of ecoFinish high performance pool finishes and thermoplastic spray systems. ecoFinish designed aquaBright and polyFibro as an alternative solution that addresses typical issues associated with traditional pool coatings; ecoFinish finishes are hard wearing, soft to the touch and VOC free.

We also carry specialized aquatics caulkings and primers; Canada Pool Coating now offers VM Pool Coatings products to enhance thermoplastic spray installations.