10 Reasons to Become An ecoFinish Installer

1. Eliminate Plaster Issuescement based finishes are prone to crackling, mottling and scaling; these issues can lead to costly repairs and unhappy customers.           aquaBright is not cement based and is not susceptible to issues associated with plaster finishes.

2. Reduce WasteOne of the best ways to minimize our impact on the environment is to reduce the waste associated with swimming pool paint and plaster finishes. No heavy trucks or equipment are necessary to transport and apply aquaBright pool finishes.

3. Take Back Control of Your Project… no need for subcontractors- you will have full control of the entire project.  Your crew of 2 will complete the job in a timely manner.

4. Save Warehouse Space…storing all of the associated materials that go along with plastering a swimming pool can take up valuable warehouse space. An average pool needs approximately 1500 lbs of cement based finish. Less than 50 lbs of material is needed on an average pool with aquaBright.

5. Eliminate Competition…you gain an advantage over your competition who are only offering traditional plaster and aggregate pool finishes.

6. Increased Profits….installation of aquaBright pool finish will reduce company costs. Huge plaster crews and big fuel consuming trucks are no longer necessary. The use of smaller vehicles, reusing left over materials, less competition and more referrals all contribute to increased profits.

7. Reduce Environmental Impact…aquaBright has zero VOCs.  Our eco-friendly finish contains no solvents and reduces the waste associated with swimming pool paints and plaster. There is no need for trucked-in water as aquaBright cures instantly.

8. Easy Customer Start-Up… as you know, a familiar problem with cement based finishes is Calcium leaching which requires the use of harsh chemicals ( we know this as a ‘Hot Start’ or ‘Low Alkaline Burn’)  aquaBright cures instantly. Your customer does not need to use caustic chemicals…it’s simply ‘Balance and Swim’

9. Repair-ability…blemish free repairs are another outstanding feature. When the time comes to repair an imperfection, failing coating or blemishes... aquaBright is the quick and easy solution for fiberglass, cementitious, steel, aluminum and hybrid swimming pools, spas and steps.

10.  aquaBright is covered by a 10 Year Warranty

Available in 15 designer colours. Custom colours also available.                                              Contact us and find out how you can offer your customers an ecofriendly alternative to traditional swimming pool paint and plaster finishes. 

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