aquaticLIFE Coatings by ecoFinish

aquaticLIFE is the eco-positive alternative to traditional coatings and is recommended for zoo enclosures, aquariums, holding tanks, fisheries and hatcheries.


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aquaticLIFE is a unique co-polymer coating specifically designed not to mottle, chalk, peel or blister. 

aquaticLIFE coatings cure instantly and create a soft to the touch surface. Non-slip surfaces are also available for entry areas, decks  and exits.        

aquaticLIFE coatings are applied using the ecoFinish mobile systems.                        

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Fish Hatcheries & tanks

aquaticLIFE surfaces are nonporous and do not gradually leach (degrade or dissolve) into the water unlike traditional coatings (cementitious, plaster, fiberglass and/or paint) whose surfaces are porous; traditional surfaces gradually degrade and waterborne particles may prove harmful to aquatic creatures over time .

aquaticLIFE coatings are also easier to maintain and clean.


zoo enclosures

aquaticLIFE coatings are permanent; the nonporous coating creates a PH neutral surface that is also UV, chemical, stain and fade  resistant.

Best of all, you can feel secure knowing aquaticLIFE coatings are safe! Certified NSF/ANSI 61 Drinking Water Safe.

aquaticLIFE coatings are available in a wide range of colours.


aquaticLIFE coatings. For New Surfaces & Renovations.